The Kaplan Success Formula

Attention to detail

Our highly experienced team of estimators and project managers review projects on a stringent basis. We ensure and encourage ongoing and open communication with our clients. Schedules and budgets are reviewed regularly, keeping our clients fully informed and in control.

We use the latest estimating and scheduling technology, which allows us to precisely time manage all of our projects. This keeps our sub contractors and vendors on schedule, assuring a timely, on budget
completion of your project.

We value your input

From the initial consultation and throughout the process, we view our client as partners. We value their collaboration and encourage their input. Our objective is to stay focused on the clients' needs from beginning to completion.

Craftsmanship throughout

Our skilled and technically diverse craftsman bring enthusiasm and passion to every project, enabling them to execute every phase of the job with skill and advanced workmanship.

Proven Success

Our final objective: Building long lasting relationships with our clients.

Proven Success

Outline of a Project Sequence

Estimating and proposal

  1. Determine the scope of the project via interviews with the owner and/or architect and review of the plans to establish a construction program that outlines the specified project, requirements and budget of the client.

  2. Arrange a job site “walk-through“ with the appropriate trades required by the project and review potential constraints including site conditions and accessibility.

  3. Create budget proposal from information gathered.

  4. Meet with client to discuss budget proposal and our fees. Typically, our fees are based on an hourly rate, materials and other reimbursable expenses plus our profit and overhead charges. In this way, we are able to tailor the scope of our services to the needs of the particular client; this structure allows for a more customized approach to the project. However, we also work to a maximum stipulated sum if dictated by he bid documents or owners’ desires.


  1. Once the client has accepted our proposal, we will meet to discuss our Construction Contract Agreement. As is the case with any legal documents, the client may wish to consult their attorney for a review of the contract.

  2. Determine a construction schedule based upon the scope of work and critical paths involved in the project.

  3. Meet with the client to discuss our construction procedures, billing and payment schedule, change order procedures and address any concerns the client may have.


  1. The project manager will be on site daily and be available to the owner and/or architect to clarify details and any necessary changes .

  2. 2. The project manager and operations manager will meet with client(s) on a bi-weekly basis to discuss the progress of the project. The project manager will keep the client and/or architect informed on the progress of construction. Upon request from the client, we will provide a Job Cost Report for their review at any time during the construction process. The report can be discussed with project manager and/or operations manager.

  3. At “substantial completion“ of the project, the project foreman, along with the architect or client, will prepare a detailed punch list of unfinished items to complete.

Attention to detail

We value your input

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